1. anil sai's Avatar
    Mobile is showing all other networks except the network that was there in my home and WiFi is working for another mobiles and laptops in home
    01-03-2015 11:22 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    That's a tough one, because there could be a number of things wrong, and being there is about 100 times faster than guessing.

    The router is on 5GHz only and your phone can only do 2.4GHz, which is where all the other signals you're seeing are - but all your other devices can do 5GHz. (That's 801.11a. The phone should be capable of it, but the wifi radio could be bad or the wifi modem [firmware] could be bad.)

    You could be standing where some other signal is on the same channel as yours and so strong that the phone can't see your signal through it. (Try bringing the phone near the router. Also run an app like Wi-Fi Analytics Tool to see what's going on in the area.
    01-04-2015 03:33 PM