1. bballben's Avatar
    How will gaming work on ICS? Will ps3 be integrated at all? Will we ever see games like call of duty available now since you can use a controller? Thanks!
    10-29-2011 12:33 AM
  2. SkunkShampoo's Avatar
    Wow, I hope so.

    GameStop just started selling tablets btw. They are selling an Android gamepad as well. http://forums.androidcentral.com/e?l...token=4vmZcNIK

    That, and USB controller support on ICS. Good signs!
    11-04-2011 12:48 AM
  3. Lucki's Avatar
    Does ICS have GPU acceleration?
    11-05-2011 03:04 AM
  4. kharrigan's Avatar
    ICS supports 2D GPU acceleration. We're awhile off before mobile devices support console-quality graphics. Portable-quality graphics are within reach.

    Keep in mind that handsets are limited in power, heat, and pricing where consoles aren't.
    11-05-2011 05:03 AM
  5. Lucki's Avatar
    So with GPU acceleration will the nexus s be able to handle better quality games?
    11-06-2011 02:14 AM
  6. SkunkShampoo's Avatar
    I'm fine with portable quality graphics as long as we start to see more developer support. I can understand why most companies aren't rushing to develop games for a market that typically pays 3-5 dollars a title. Particularly Activision.

    I get kinda giddy at the prices we get on mobile.

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    11-06-2011 02:40 AM
  7. Lucki's Avatar
    Yes they are awesome right now. but when they do start making better quality games will ICS help on the Nexus s 4g? or should I go with the Epic 4g touch if I am looking for a more future proof phone?
    11-06-2011 10:06 AM
  8. srkmagnus's Avatar
    Epic 4g touch is your best bet. The hardware is slightly better than that of the Nexus.

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    11-06-2011 10:50 AM
  9. thekarens's Avatar
    I'd search gaming on the Epic Touch and the S2 for that matter. A good chunk of the games force close on them after playing for a bit. It's a known problem that Sammy isn't acknowledging.

    I still love the phone and recommend it, but it's a real pain when it comes to gaming.

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    11-06-2011 10:58 AM
  10. bulvine420's Avatar
    Tegra 3 is said to have Xbox 360 graphics and is 2 to 3 months away

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    11-15-2011 01:32 PM