1. Trantice99's Avatar
    I've been searching for some info on emulators like SNESOID and GAMBOID on Ice Cream Sandwich, but I haven't found much. Has anyone been using them on a device that has been updated to ICS yet? What are your thoughts and experiences?

    The fallout between yongzh and Google was epic and sad, and these awesome emulators haven't been updated in a long time. I really want to upgrade my 3 year old Droid X to a Samsung Galaxy S3, but I am truly afraid that my most precious SNES/Gameboy emulators won't work anymore.

    I've never experienced the effects of Android fragmentation until this moment. I'd love to enjoy what the Galaxy S3 and ICS have in store for me, but it is hard to be excited.
    06-13-2012 11:31 AM
  2. devgrp's Avatar
    I have the Evo 4g lte and snesoid works fine. No problems at all
    06-16-2012 08:50 PM
  3. GooshieStarLine's Avatar
    I have SNESOID on my Galaxy S3 and for some reason, it tends to freeze randomly while playing a game. It may be dodgy roms though but i haven't got it to work properly.
    06-18-2012 06:30 AM
  4. monkeyluis's Avatar
    Are these so you can play illegal games?
    06-20-2012 09:06 PM