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    First of all: "A ROM FOR ANDROID 4.0.3 for CRAIG NETBOOK 281A PLEEEZE"

    Last December (2011) I bought the Craig Netbook clp 281 with Android 2.2. I just got (Aug 2012) the Craig Netbook Clp 281a Android 4.0.3.

    (But first of all, I got a defective unit . Battery runs out ridiculously. Reduces to 62% in 3 minutes so I returned it and got another one a few weeks later when they came in.. Same problem with the display and the battery although it lasted a bit longer on the second unit. A Battery runs out about 1% per minute of use. I even shut down 15 running services and WiFI. Customer Care at Craig said if you 't have 2 1/2 hours of up time it's ok and that I shouldn't look at the percentage. But at 1 1/2 hours I got the low battery warning so that one went back too.

    OK, now for the comparison

    Clp 281
    800 mhz processor
    256 ram
    Android 2.2.2

    Clp- 281a
    1.3 gb processor
    1gb ram
    Android 4.0.3

    Of course, it's much faster which is the main reason I got it.


    I like the display of the first Netbook better. The newer model has too much contrast. Also the brightness slider does little to reduce brightness. These two factors may be a result of it being a defective unit though. If I get the replacement, I'll try to remember to come back to edit this post.

    About Flash:

    After the unit is connected to the internet, it automatically downloaded Adobe Flash player 11.1. But that doesn't mean you can watch movies online. I learned that Craig does not have permissions with Hulu so you are prevented from watching videos there. Don't think Netflix is watchable either but you'll have to inquire about that. But you can watch Youtube videos. But I was able to do that with my older model too so....

    About USB flash drive recognition:

    Both units have 3 regular size USB ports which is good but the "old" 281 only recognized one usb flash drive plugged in at a time. The 281a will allow up to 4 USB flash drives at a time.

    About rooting:

    I used z4root on the previous model and it rooted the device kind of. (Just enough to do what I wanted like remove some factory installed apps). With z4root, you have to enable USB debugging first. Problem is, with the newer model running Android 4.0.3, the settings menu is completely different and USB debugging is nowhere to be found so I can't root the device. That is unless someone comes up with a Rom like Jason did over here for the clp281 last December.

    About disabling factory installed programs:

    One feature I like, which kind of softened the blow of the fact that I can't root this device yet is that you can disable the factory installed programs from the Settings menu. And, once disabled, they also disappear from your Apps page until you enable them again. So they don't start up automatically and use up resources. I disabled 15 already that started needlessly before.

    WIFI connection:

    The new Craig clp281a connects to the internet in seconds. The older model did not. Had to "wake up the wifi" by turning Airplane mode on and off, on and off a few times and then my SSID would load up and connect.

    Camera/Web Cam

    The newer Clp281a has a camera/web cam. That was a pleasant surprised to me. If you want sound, you have to plug a mic into the mic jack. Picture is what you'd expect from a low end unit but not as bad as you'd expect. Since that matter is relative, I leave it at: it has a camera/web cam.

    In the last model clp281, you could go to Craig website and download the install file. When you unzipped it, you got the folders to the entire operating system that you could edit as I did. This newer model 281a, when you download the install file from Craig and unzip it, it contains only one file called: "update.img". Cant do a thing with it. Even Nero won't burn it on to a DVD so that's a bummer.

    Anyhow, hope this helps someone.
    08-16-2012 03:10 AM
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    I have also run into some strange behaviors with my CLP-281a, but of a different kind. Wifi connection and battery endurance seem OK, and all apps seem to work as intended except the one I definitely wanted on a netbook: Smart Office. When clicked, the program first displays a black screen with chathu_ac Presents -eandroidmarket.com near the bottom, above a narrow broken colored line, then reverts to the previous screen. This occurs whether the unit is online or not, or with memory card inserted or not. It seems like a corrupted factory program.
    Craig support suggested that I update the ROM with the download from their site, but then referred me to the instructions for updating with 2.2 !! Right on.
    I subsequently discovered a 2.apk with a Smart Office logo in its Internal Memory, which when clicked produced a message that implied it might be a replacement for a system program. So far, I have refrained from proceeding any further instead of using Craigs guinea pig suggestion that I give it a try.
    No response to my postings on another forum, so any light shed here on this mystery would be greatly appreciated.
    08-17-2012 08:36 PM