1. nthnu's Avatar
    In the App window, I have groups of apps. Before in 2.3, I can add that group to the home screen. How do I do that in 4.0?
    10-24-2012 01:09 PM
  2. still1's Avatar
    same way... long press the app in the app drawer and drop it on the home screen you need.
    10-24-2012 01:26 PM
  3. nthnu's Avatar
    It's the group of apps such as "email" in the drawer I want to put on the home screen.
    10-24-2012 01:41 PM
  4. Jeremy Holden's Avatar
    Did you ever resolve this issue? I've got the same problem. I used to have an app folder on my home screen and I can't get it now.

    I can see the option to add a shortcut from the group menu and it says shortcut created but I don't ever get any shortcut.
    11-09-2012 05:39 PM
  5. nthnu's Avatar
    No, I've had to deal with it for now. lol
    11-11-2012 09:21 AM
  6. still1's Avatar
    No, I've had to deal with it for now. lol
    really dont know what you are talking about now. you can pretty much do what ever you did before.
    just can add icons to home screen. post a screenshot or something
    11-11-2012 11:35 AM
  7. joelvin's Avatar
    There is an option to add the app group to the home screen, but it apparently doesn't work. Your best bet would be to:
    1. Go to the Home screen you want the Group on
    2. Open the Apps app.
    3. From the drop-down menu on the left, open the Group you want to add. Press and hold the first App icon.
    4. Drop the app onto the home screen
    5. Repeat 1-3. Drop the 2nd icon on the 1st. It creates a folder.
    6. Drop the 3rd,4th,5th,etc app into the folder
    6. Keep doing this until all your apps are in the new folder and rename it to whatever you want
    nthnu likes this.
    11-11-2012 03:40 PM
  8. nthnu's Avatar
    Still 1, when i selected the app folder options, there's no way to add that to the home screen.

    Joelvin, that's what i had to do.

    Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Android Central Forums
    11-11-2012 05:36 PM

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