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    Hello, just bought my first tablet the other day, and i am liking it. I bought a d2-711 v4.0.4 andriod.
    I been using the 1mobliemarket to download apps and when it asked me to cancel or install, the install button wouldnt light up or work only the cancel button.
    Then i accidently got into the 1mobliemarket settings and saw what i downloaded and clicked install and it worked. Few hours later even that way doesnt install now. I havent installed much. Only things i have downloaded ar juicedefender, screen adjuster, google chrome and some updated games. I thought it was the app wasnt compatible so i uninstalled chrome and tried to install it again and the install button wouldnt work.
    Any help fixing this would be muchly appreciated.
    01-12-2013 11:13 AM

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