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    Hi, I'm a first time Android user and I've been trying to get to grips with it using the Sumvision Cyclone Nano 1GB media player I purchased. I did a factory reset on it and it's running the latest 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich from their website. The video player that comes per-installed with Android works fine, plays anything I throw at it but being very basic I want to use something like XBMC so I can see some info about the films. So far I have tried XBMC and Archos Video Player both which play back .MKV files at about 1 frame a second (audio fine). Do I need to install some additional codecs to make it work right ? Archos player suggested I download additional codec pack which I did, but did nothing to improve the playback. I've heard MX Player Pro is one of the best but does it give you media info (posters/info) like the others.

    Many thanks.
    02-11-2013 10:06 AM

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