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    hello, newbie to forum and newbie to android phone ..sorry for the title, that's all I can think of to summarize what happened.

    well, my phone is running 4.0.4, brand is not well known (it is sold under the name of Vandroid S5A), a dual sim GSM phone, with 512mb ram (or rom? dunno), a 4gb built in storage drive (but I only get 2gb? according to the graph when I go to storage) + a microSD card slot which I put my 8gb in. bought the phone around the 22nd or 23rd of december 2012. works wonderfully, cheered my kids and hubby repeatedly with the games, and helped me a lot from to stop wasting time in wandering around the house (email, internet, all available from the phone with big enough screen to properly see all without zooming).

    so, this morning, my kids were playing through the games just like usual, then we went shopping. in the middle of shopping I still managed to get a few txt msgs from my parent, a few FB notifs, and even the weather program is still updating. then about 3 hours after that, during lunch time, I took the phone out to read the last txt msg which I have ignored for about 30-45 mins earlier, and there was the weird msg on the top... "please unmount sdcard before removing it" ...I didn't even touch the phone, it was in the bag. so then when I tried all the apps, they all said "app isn't installed" ....I went through settings, it seemed like everything were still there? all the folders for games and app... I googled "didn't remove sdcard but getting unmount sdcard error" and it seemed like almost everyone got their card broken... but my card is perfectly fine, readable while in the phone (read through the computer using usb).. and readable while being plugged in just as a card itself.

    so where all my apps go? do I REALLY have to re download everything all over again? it'll be a pain if I do.. ugh.. could anyone kindly enlighten me of what's going on please.thank you for your time to read my post ^_^
    02-13-2013 04:11 AM
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    I am not sure if this will be any use, but sometimes my own phone does the same when my sd card is in says its not there when it is and the apps appear but are unable to use as they are on the sd card. Hopefully just give it a bit of time - a reboot sometimes works with me and a quick remove put back in etc. I know it sounds simplistic but sometimes it works on my phone. Best of luck with it, Is the phone nice was it one of those online no name brand things? I was considering looking into those awhile ago.
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    02-13-2013 07:40 AM
  3. gysca's Avatar
    Thanks for the info, Fairclough. It is a local brand, although it's made in china. As I found out after 2 reboots, apps that were re-downloaded will be gone after reboot. Weird. I re-dl-ed avast antivirus, batt optimizer, and 2 droidhen games. All gone after reboot, even the installer files are nowhere to be found. The only thing stuck was the weather thing. Weird. The keyboard just acted up. Keep jumping all over the screen. I can't even scroll because the cursor moves all over. Geez what's up with this phone.
    02-13-2013 07:52 AM
  4. Fairclough's Avatar
    If it really acts up you can try your chances with a refund. I just find it weird that it will show on the pc and everything else but won't show on the phone.
    02-14-2013 04:54 AM

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