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    HTC Thunderbolt rooted, recently upgraded to ICS 4.0.4 (Verzion 7.02.605.06 710RD).

    I also started with MessagEase keyboard installed, FWIW.

    Google Query (entering text) worked OK a couple of times after my upgrade to ICS and (re-)install of MessagEase.

    Then I thought I'd try the voice search option... Pressed the search key (HTC fixed key at bottom right). GQ app opened. Pressed microphone icon at top right of app. Spoke a few words, google parsed them OK, and offered a "done" button. Pressed "done", search went OK, results displayed.

    Since then, I've not been able to enter text into GQ using any keyboard. Actually I can enter characters, but when I press "enter", it is ignored.

    The keyboard goes away for a moment, and then is redisplayed with nothing changed. I can add more text (or delete text) but nothing I can do will get the text dispatched as my query.

    I played with Select Input Method, accessed both though the settings and through the notification bar. I've reverted to Touch Input, rebooted, cleared cache, uninstalled MessagEase; everything but a hard reset. Nothing I can do will get Google Query to accept a text query.

    ALL other applications work which use the keyboard work fine. I can add appointments, search for applications, and open Google in a browser to do my query.
    Only the GQ app seems to be rejecting the "enter" button.

    PS: Intuition suggests the problem might have something to do with ICS adding "Select Input Method" to the notification bar. Perhaps the "enter" is being caught by SIM, and voice input messed things up?
    02-26-2013 10:21 PM

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