1. Lilbit Harley's Avatar
    Hi everyone. I need help fast... I was on my tablet and after I downloaded the application droid finder.com on my 4.0 ICS someone hacked on to my tablet while I was on it and now I am locked out.. I do not know the pin, and when I try to find out how to get the pin or just take some guesses it continues to state on my screen (This device is locked by its owner.... 4 of 4 then it also reads in RED. This device is lock by its owner and below that gives me the time when it happened. then there is a thick blue tab across the screen that says UNLOCK. AND when I click on that its it takes me to the next page asking me to enter my PIN and its only 4 digits long, then below the tab its says Forget PIN, so I have no idea what to do.. I am returning this to get a refund tomorrow because this is my second android ICS 4.0 tab in 2 weeks and both tabs do not keep a charge and takes forever to charge the damn thing and it will not keep a connection or the battery dies after like 30 minutes of use and that is with it still plugged in being charged... so I am moving on to bigger and brighter tabs... LOL.... however I want to do a system backup and reset to manufacturer settings so I can delete all my personal information... Can anyone Please help... I have looked everywhere and goggled everything I can think of just to get on my tablet.. is there some kind of short cut to just do a reset so this app gets erased and don't need to use the pin # after all... I can try pushing the power button and volume button at the same time.. Help help help... lol.. any help is appreciated.. thanks all... hope your droid is better then my last 2... bums me out...

    07-22-2013 03:26 AM
  2. Darkspliter's Avatar
    What sort of tablet is it ? Perhaps you can Power it on in a Boot / recovery / Clockwork mode ?

    foregsample : On my Samsung galaxy S2 (international version) , If I hold down my Power botton + music up button + Centre home botton , It boots itself into a special menu. From there , If you tell me your tablet model , or maybe you find out how yourself , You can perhaps "System Reset/Factory restore" your device. It deletes ALL applications downloaded.

    Hope it works for you , it shouldnt be hard to find out how to boot in Boot / recovery / Clockwork
    08-10-2013 09:06 AM

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