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    I have a Android Tablet model # V800H with Android 4.01. My Facebook was doing it's annoying "autoupdating" to version After finished updating, I clicked on the AP and it won't load or connect to Facebook. All I get is the blue Facebook logo screen with "Setting up Facebook" and then it will freeze. I tried cleaning out the cache, data and even uninstalling and reinstalling it, and still I can't connect to Facebook. I've tried installing the older versions, and that too, I can no longer connect to Facebook. I can connect to Facebook on the browsers on my Tablet, but not the AP. I've tried everything and no prevail. I need help. Has anyone have problems with the new Facebook AP or any suggestions on why It's not letting me connect to Facebook? I'm about to give up...
    01-18-2014 04:26 PM

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