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    I have the above HDMI device, which uses android 4.0.4 media centre.
    I am trying to do factory reset on the device as I have just sold it on ebay and want to post it off tomorrow, however it is asking me to draw the unlock pattern.
    I don't remember ever setting one?
    I am convinced I didn't because there isn't even the option to set one. The settings do not look like that on a normal android device, they are very limited and setting pattern or pin code locks does not seem possible.
    I hoped by entering the pattern wrong 5 times I would be able to reset the pattern via the google account currently linked, however it lets me have infinite attempts, it just makes me wait 30 seconds after I've failed about 10 times.
    Any ideas? Searched google and the forum but can't find anything relating to this - all suggestions seem based on normal android settings which this device does not seem to have,
    03-12-2014 05:50 PM

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