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    Below is what ive done and the problem. Ive been instructed in another forum to use fastboot and show results. After i showed them ive been asked to install a RUU file (Dev-Host - RUU_ENDEAVOR_U_ICS_40_S_HTC_Europe_2.17.401.2_Radio_2.1204.135.20_release_274900_signed.exe - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service) and that data may be wiped.

    I need the data (contacts and messages).

    Can someone help for me to get the above data. Im a noob in the android dev world, but from my research it seems that there is a command that wipes the contacts and messages for security reason and that the only way to stop that from happening is to find flaws to exploit.
    I cannot understand why, if its your own phone, and the phone messes up that you have such a hard time getting the important data off.
    Its a particular problem as the phone has never had any mods and is all stock. I think even in the Developer screen "USB" bit is unchecked as well.
    Its is my fault for not backing up the phone but after being so on top of backups with all my other phones and not really having any problems, i got lazy with when i giot this phone. I dont care about the phone i just want my contacts and messages.

    Can anyone help?HTC One X Need to get data - phone that doesnt pass Boot Animation/Red Triangle-getvar.jpg


    I need to retrieve my 1) contacts, 2) Messages. If someone could help i would be really grateful and appreciative.

    My HTC One X is standard with no mods (software/hardware).
    Ive never updated firmware from 4.0.2 i believe.

    Recently i downloaded a few programs from Play store.
    I dont know if that was what caused the problems but i started getting problems with the apps closing/crashing.
    Long story short spoke to O2 whom im with who were no help just wanted me to factory reset. Spoke to Dialaphone who said factory reset. And tried a couple times with HTC with the second time the girl advisor suddenly saying she will terminate calls while i was talking of options and hwen i stated i had done nothing wrong ie did not raise voice, did not say anything bad/derogatory etc and why she was doing that she cut the call off. I was understandably very angry, and i feel i will not be buying a HTC again with that kind of treatment.

    As i couldnt get into play store due to crashing apps. I rang HTC. When i first rang HTC they said backup and do factory reset. I asked how they said use HTC SYnc Manager. Dl'ed and connected phone. No phone coming up. The phone at the time was again crashing all the apps now inc the android core something app.
    I uninstalled the recent apps i had installed. Two sound meter apps, two lightmeter apps.
    And i restarted phone. Phone then restarted but has to date not gone past the HTC bootup animation screen.

    I have used soft reset by using power button. Recovery mode by way of pressing volume button and power button and then selecting recovery. When i do do recovery it shows its doing something and then i get a red triangle with an exclamation mark.

    Please i need help to retrieve the data contacts and mesages on the phone. Asi never had problems with the phone before i didnt get round to making a backup. Normally i used to do this but have had a lot of other things going on and have become somewhat lazy.

    Many thanks
    07-15-2014 02:44 PM

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