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    I am a first timer on this site, but I need to ask for help since I cannot find anything on google.
    My mother owns a Viewpad E100, it has Android 4.0.3 installed, it is obsolete, but she doesn't want to replace it unless it breaks down (which I get the feeling it is happening).
    Problems started months ago, the tablet comes with an app called Mobile Market, (I tried to install Google Play on it, but unless I am mistaken, this tab doesn't support GPlay).
    Back to the issue, the Market just would not download apps, we finally worked around it and she started using the amazon app store, now yesterday the same issue was happening with that one, we discovered her external SD card was faulty, because we tried it with another one and had no issue.
    But now, the tablet is without any external SD card and she can't download anything, it keeps telling here there isn't enough free space, when the settings show she has more than 800MB free.
    We already did a factory reset and it's still the same way, so my question is, is there any way on that version to change the default install location? or does the Tab have a more difficult problem? (I get the feeling it does).
    Thank you all for the help
    10-11-2014 08:55 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! The device's specs say that it has 4 GB of Internal Storage, which means it probably only has about 1 GB available to the user to install apps. That can get used up quickly, because that storage is also used for other bits of data used by those apps. External SD storage is used primarily for storing media (like photos, music, etc.). Some devices allow you to move an app to SD, but when you do that, it's only a portion of the app you're moving--a substantial portion needs to remain in Internal Storage to function. On top of that, some older devices break up the Internal Storage into two partitions--an "App Storage" partition and an "Internal SD" partition. The App Storage partition might be even smaller than 1 GB--it could be only a few hundred MB, which is really tiny.

    See this guide for more info, and also tips on how to maximize the little storage you have: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...-warnings.html
    10-11-2014 11:49 PM
  3. LR G's Avatar
    does the Tab have a more difficult problem? (I get the feeling it does).
    I also get the feeling it does.
    02-25-2015 05:43 AM

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