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    Stuck on boot screen and vol +/- keys won't change selections on system recovery screen.

    Background: Was updating Google Market to Google Play Store on a freshly restored Tablet, ARNOVA 10C G3, Android 4.0 when the tablet froze and rebooted to the ARNOVA logo on black screen normally shown at boot but froze there.

    From off: I hold power button to turn on tablet, the ARNOVA logo shows up, disappears, shows again, disappears, and shows again and stays there frozen. I can turn the tablet off by holding the power button down for a few seconds but vol +/- do nothing. From off I can then hold vol - and power button down and boot in to system recovery <e3> but the vol - key does nothing and the vol + key changes the screen from the normal menu with the robot to a screen with just the robot and another push goes back to the normal menu screen but does not change from one selection to another. So in there I am stuck on reboot system now, which does nothing. I have used a pin to push reset button on the tablet many times(5seconds held in to over a minute) and it also does nothing. Tried putting latest firmware image, update.img from Archos on a micro sd card and booting the tablet up, but it doesn't seem to register it is there. I have also tried using FlashTool and Rockchip Batch Tool but the tablet is not recognized by either of the tools. Please help.
    07-06-2015 05:09 AM

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