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    What is the cause of this particular error? When we try to run the PlayStore app, a message 'server error' pops up.

    All the 'recommended' suggestions do not resolve the issue - such as deleting google account, then restart phone, then running PlayStore, which then prompts us to add the google account back. But the issue is not fixed. And, we try stopping googleservices and googleplaystore and clearing data/cache, and restarting the phone - no improvement. Tried wi-fi mode, tried without wi-fi mode as well - no improvement. Tried airplane mode, then turning off airplane mode. Tried temporarily removing/renaming the system 'host' file. Every suggested technique does not solve the issue, except for the last-resort method of 'factory reset'. Factory reset does solve it. But nobody wants to always need to resort to a full factory reset.

    So, my question is - why does every other internet/networking software in our phone work EXCEPT for PlayStore? What mechanism causes playstore to get this 'server error' issue? I'm thinking - what the hell is wrong with those idiots that developed the PlayStore app? It is simply meant to connect to the internet, and do some security checks, and then just work - right? So why does it get into this seemingly permanent 'server error' state, when no other internet/network-based app in the phone has any problem?

    Does anybody (including those PlayStore app developers) actually know how to properly resolve this 'server error' issue? I have two of the same phones. I know for a fact that if I disable google services and googleplaystore for some extended period of time, and then I attempt to re-enable those services, then PlayStore will develop this 'server error' issue, and there's nothing I can do to fix it, except with a full factory reset. On the other hand, my second identical phone - will happily start PlayStore (when I never disable googleservices framework/googleplayservices/playstore). This is all irrelevant though. What is relevant is - does anybody know why PlayStore has this particular trait for getting 'server error'? And if there is a proper fix for it?

    Thanks all.
    05-18-2017 07:48 PM
  2. KennyTSV's Avatar
    I'm still stuck with the same problem. I know in advance that if I do a full factory reset, then playstore would start working again. The big question is ..... to those idiots that wrote the playstore app ---- why does every single other internet-based app in the android phone work, and the only problematic app is playstore? Should sack the whole team that worked on playstore. They seriously need to pull their socks up and get their act together.
    09-16-2017 04:22 PM

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