1. Chillidog66's Avatar
    Any rumors or anybody figured out how to out FoxFi on Jellybean?

    Sent from my Galaxy s3 using Android Central Forums
    12-06-2012 08:00 PM
  2. crab17817's Avatar
    I contacted FoxFi & they say it won't work, & not sure they will change anything to make it work. If anyone finds a new app that works like FoxFi with Jellybean let us all know!
    12-10-2012 09:56 AM
  3. djs134's Avatar
    My S3 just updated to JB yesterday and I have the full version of FoxFi, but I have absolutely no problems with my FoxFi and Jellybean. I'm posting this using the hotspot now.
    12-15-2012 08:53 AM
  4. Richard Mader's Avatar
    I just got Jelly Bean yesterday and I have the free Ver. of Fox-Fi and it worked until it timed out have not tried it again
    12-16-2012 07:53 AM

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