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    Hello everyone
    I bought the One Keyboard (PC version) (matias.ca/onekeyboard) and as per the spec this keyboard should work fine with Android.
    It does work perfectly with my Samsung note 2 with jelly bean 4.1.1 but the only thing that doesnt work is the "CTRL" button (there is only one of them on the left). When pressing the "CTRL" button it sends the wrong information/key code to Android.

    I downloaded an Android Application to test codes generated by the keyboard (can be found in Google Play Store) called "KeyEvent Display" and I attach the printscreen.

    I also bought another bluetooth keyboard and connected it to the phone to see what codes this generates and also connected a wired keyboard to the phone as well.

    The first few clicks/lines on the printscreen are using the other bluetooth keyboard and it does send correctly the "CTRL" code to the OS which is "META=12288".

    The last couple lines show what happens when I use the Matias One Keyboard and press "CTRL", the code to the OS is "META=196608" (which is same code the other bluettooth keybaord creates when I press its "command" button).

    Also please note that the "CTRL" button and the "LEFT-ALT"button create the same code 196608 on the mattias keyboard.

    Long story short, the Mattias One keyboard generates the wrong code (meta=196608 which should be the "command" button code instead of META=12288) when pressing the "CTRL" key.

    I would really appreciate your help on this

    Attached Thumbnails Pressing "CTRL" on external bluetooth keyboard generates wrong code in Android-screenshot_2012-12-11-10-03-26.png  
    12-11-2012 06:28 PM

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