1. TechTinker's Avatar
    Hey all, I love Android in general, especially 4.1 (I'm still on 2.3 but whatever.)

    Though with 4.2. Is there a way to disable the lockscreen widgets, but add the camera shortcut. and for the hour on the clock not to be so bold and different?
    I wish to access the quick settings was just two fingerswipe and close all the apps was a X instead of the stairs. But whatever about that.
    12-17-2012 05:26 PM
  2. WilmaFinklestein's Avatar
    You can't "disable" the lockscreen widgets, but you don't have to add any. If you don't add any, then there's no adverse effect on you just unlocking and using the phone as usual. If you have a PIN/Password/Face unlock, you can't add widgets without entering the password first either.

    You will always have the slide to the right for access to the camera, that can't be disabled regardless of how you have your widgets set up. It's part of the lockscreen, not a movable "widget."

    As for the clock, there's already several clock apps that add a widget that doesn't have the bold hour. Can't remember off the top of my head, but they do exist. All you'll do is remove the stock clock widget from the lockscreen, and add the new one w/o bolded hours.

    Hope that helps!
    12-18-2012 11:01 PM
  3. TechTinker's Avatar
    Ok so if I don't have any widgets, it dosen't make the effect on the sides? Honestly every video I see, when the effect goes away in a millisecond, you can't swipe.

    So theres no access like this anymore? But rather swiping the lockscreen away?

    Yeah I was probably going to install a 3rd party, or I'm probably going to flash the DroidHD rom on my Droid 4. Was just wondering about 4.2. Thanks for taking your time and answering! ^.^
    12-21-2012 06:03 PM

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