1. Mermaid Gertrude's Avatar
    My Motorola Atrix HD, which I love, and have NOT had ANY issues with, automatically upgraded to the Jelly Bean version. Ever since then, my phone lags. From opening my text messaging window or looking thru my gallery pics, or even typing (whether in a text or email), even merely highlighting a name from my call log.... It freezes greatly!! And sometimes the windows don't ever open up.
    Is there a way I can go back to my previous Android-version? Hoenstly, I haven't had any problems with my phone. Just a few months old, AT&T provider (great service). It's just that ever since it "upgraded", I am very very annoyed. Can someone please help me?
    01-03-2013 11:49 AM
  2. Rob McDonald's Avatar
    Well, I've had my Atrix HD for about 4 months and have noticed the same change in behavior as you since JB upgrade. More lags than anything since I was using Win Mobile 5 years ago. Sometimes the phone app (I mean, it IS still called a PHONE, right?) just stops working, won't make a call, or makes the call 3 or 4 minutes after I've given up on it. Additionally on my unit, the 3.5 mm audio out jack stopped working. I looked in the jack with a very bright LED, used compressed air to blow it out even though I never saw even a little lint. The phone is always in my car mount or holstered; I rarely put it into a pocket. I know I can probably get it replaced, but what a pain to reinstall apps, arrange everything the way I need it for work, etc. I'm wondering if there's just a better phone out there I should replace it with..? I replaced an Atrix with the HD because I had no real problems with it. Different story now.
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    01-05-2013 09:16 PM
  3. Duane Ackerman's Avatar
    I went to AT&T repair center 2 days ago - they were confused & gave me a replacement phone - spent hours restoring my phone - started acting up again - I just removed AT&T Smart Wi-Fi & my Atrix HD seems to be back to normal - gotta love new untested revisions
    01-06-2013 08:53 PM
  4. MotoGuy's Avatar
    Rob and Mermaid -- the kind of lag you describe is certainly not normal. It's possible that doing a Factory Data Reset would clear it up. (That might be necessary for you, Rob, since you have that headset jack problem. I'm assuming you have tried other headsets, right?)

    If you want to send me logs from your phones I can ask our engineering team to take a look.

    - Go to Settings > Developer options > Check USB debugging.
    - Back out to home screen.
    - Reproduce your issue.
    - When the issue has happened, hold Power and Up-Volume buttons at the same time for only 3 seconds. Wait several minutes, the phone should vibrate twice when done.
    - Start the Files application.
    - select Device Storage folder
    - select bug2go folder.
    - select the menu button (3 squares at botttom right of screen)
    - select "Compress this folder."
    - Select No Encryption.
    - Select Create
    - select back button to go back to Device Storage folder
    - touch and hold the bug2go.zip file and select the share button (dot with 2 up arrows)
    - email to motorolafeedbacknetwork@motorola.com with Subject: urgent atrix connectivity issue.

    Thanks -- sorry you're having problems.
    01-08-2013 12:31 PM
  5. DrifterBoyd's Avatar
    My wife and I both have the same phones and both have the same problems, all too frequent lags, random crashes. Most times I can not be in any application form r more than 2 minutes before it suddenly brings up my home screen like I had exited out of the app. There is never a crash pop up or anything it just exits out and clears all data so I have to redo what ever I was working on. I constantly get pop ups saying things are not responding, even when it is actually working or even when I am not even using the app. My wife's phone refuses to play custom set ringtones. Even though it shows a contact has a certain ringtone when they call its always the default ringtone or it just does not bother ringing. Mine allows for the custom ringtones but every once in a while it will play the wrong ones. I.E. if my mother calls it will show her number her picture by play his ringtone. Also we have to update the address book every time the screen locks or it resets too
    03-15-2013 12:39 PM
  6. rongway's Avatar
    Of all the information I could find, it seems that the Atrix HD just wasn't ready for the upgrade. I have tried everything, including rooting, sharing RAM with my external SD card, limiting what was running, etc. I have noticed that if an app killer is used, it seems to temporarily fix it . . .which lead to my next attempt and the thing that seems to help consistently (more so than not)
    Go into Settings . . Developer Options . . .Background Processes . . .
    Take your pick, but change from the "Standard" .. . right now I'm toying with "At most 3 processes".
    Also, Be sure to turn off the Window, Transition, and Animator scale . . . . you have to be willing to settle for a little less "ooohhh pretty" to get stable performance.
    03-30-2015 05:10 PM

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