1. JaneSpau's Avatar
    I have found no way to move my app storage to the external SD card for images and so on, It used to be in the settings, application manager but there is nothing there now. There has to be a way to use the card otherwise why have it? I have a huge data card in my new tablet just sitting not being used for much at all. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and I just installed the latest update to Jelly Bean tonight.
    02-01-2013 03:21 AM
  2. stevesimpson007's Avatar
    I have the same question. Have you come up with a solution yet? Galaxy Tab 2 7. Bought a big sd card too and would like to use it!
    02-02-2013 05:33 AM
  3. makaroni's Avatar
    If I understand your question correctly and you're asking how to move your apps to your sd card, it is not possible on some of the never devices. Not sure if it's the actual device or Jellybean but it is not supported without root. Only pictures, videos and documents and some files can be moved. You'll have to root to accomplish apps to sd card. Someone else will probably poke their head in here soon and maybe tell you how to get it done with root access.

    My GS3 sleeps in the bed and I make my girlfriend sleep on the couch
    02-02-2013 06:31 AM
  4. JaneSpau's Avatar
    I would just like my apps to use the SD card to store photos and videos. I have a lot of them and would rather have the SD card used to store them. I can not figure out how to do even that. Thanks for the response, though.
    02-03-2013 02:06 AM
  5. Pokemon3DS's Avatar
    You will need to root the tablet Androidfriends.
    02-03-2013 05:45 AM
  6. JaneSpau's Avatar
    I do not have any idea of how to root this device. I am far to new to Android. Does rooting void any warranty? I have been told it does.
    02-03-2013 04:00 PM
  7. kolewis's Avatar
    Do you mean for instance - you have an app that stores pictures/etc? You aren't trying to move the app, just where it saves those items? - If so, if the app supports it, most have an option in settings and where to save files to. sd card or external sd. That depends on the app though.
    02-05-2013 03:30 PM
  8. pazzo02's Avatar
    Does rooting void any warranty? I have been told it does.
    It does, but many rooting methods have a way to reverse it in case you need to use the warranty. You'd have to research it for your particular device.
    02-05-2013 09:18 PM
  9. nancyt22's Avatar
    I might be misunderstanding you, but it sounds like you want your pics on the ext. sd card that you purchased...I have all my photos on my ext. card. I have a lot of photos, so I have a lot of files so I can find them easier. I just set up the folders under the ext. sd card, ten upload to specific files. Some of the photo apps let me choose where to save the pic. I also have quite a bit of music on the ext card as well...nt
    02-08-2013 01:45 AM
  10. AxlMyk's Avatar
    Turn on the camera.
    Bottom of menu - Storage
    Memory card
    02-09-2013 12:53 PM
  11. JaneSpau's Avatar
    Thanks, everyone!
    02-10-2013 10:44 PM
  12. lehrer lempel's Avatar
    Go to the app myfile. Under settings you can determine wether to store on sd card (0), which is your system memory, or on external sd card.
    I have on my 64 GB meanwhile 20 GB music and 5 GB pictures with videos to follow. You cant shift apps, but given that apps relative smal,small , your system memory is relatively few charged. Enjoy!
    02-26-2013 02:06 AM
  13. Jack1022's Avatar
    the only way that i know how to do it is to have root acces and then to download an app from a third party called "directory bind" this allows you to redirect the directory paths inside of your sd card to a similiar folder on your external sd card. I used it for a awhile and then i put paranoid jelly bean on my galaxy player 5.0 and now when i try to install it it gives me a parse error.

    I hope this helps
    04-12-2013 10:33 PM
  14. ironman150#AC's Avatar
    Turn on the camera.
    Bottom of menu - Storage
    Memory card
    OK when I do this, the gallery app only looks at the internal storage. Also how do I move the pics on internal storage to the SD card.
    05-29-2013 01:38 PM
  15. RichSiehSin's Avatar
    Try to force a refresh in the Gallery app (since there isn't a "Refresh" function) by changing the "View by" (press Option button first) from "All content" to "Content in device".
    05-30-2013 03:54 AM
  16. Trane Raeck's Avatar
    It is possible to use the external SD card without root. There is more information at this website:
    How to Partition SD Card and Use Link2SD in any Android Phone with Screenshots
    First you may have to download SD FORMATTER for the computer to format the SD CARD.
    If you do not want to use C-Net then the MiniTool program wizard is available at soft32.com.
    That dysfunctional error has just been Trane Raecked.
    02-15-2014 08:51 PM
  17. Trane Raeck's Avatar
    I have found something else it is xbmc it is a paid app not much 1 or 2 dollars. It is a good bet haven't fully tried had a problem with one of my micro sd cards off the last post. So do not do that. Now you have been guarded and forewarned.
    02-16-2014 04:24 AM
  18. San Petty's Avatar
    My husband bought a Google Android tablet, Jelly Bean 4.2.2, and shortly there after, he bought a micro SD card so that he could put system files and downloaded items into it, and like so many Android users, found out that he wasn't able to. Many months later I got a wild hair to research online to find out if it was possible or not. We found out quick that different android systems have different and sometimes destructive ways to tweak their device so that the external SD card can be used as storage, and that all have the same or similar issues in not being able to use their sd card for storage. After many hours and almost about to give up, I finally found a posting about how to move folders and files from an internal sd, to the external sd, on the Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Honestly, even after carefully reading that gentleman's instructions I still was unable to save to the external...But then, I decided to go with my instinct and try something specific and...BANGARANG! I was able to move folders and files from the internal, to the external. I hope the instructions I type out are clear and easy to follow, and that if you haven't yet found a way to use your external sd, that it comes easy for you after this.
    After you've downloaded onto your android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 what you wish to be moved to your external, you want to go to your app page and click on FILE MANAGER. From there, click on SD CARD. From there, you can move whole folders, or a specific file(s) within a folder. Even those folders and files you can't open, you can still move. Once SD CARD is open, choose your folder or file by PRESSING and HOLDING. You should see small red letters pop up letting you know that item is on hold and as well, a new window will pop open and from there, click on MOVE (cut). From there, click on the EXTERNAL SD CARD icon in the row of choices above the folders and files. With my husband's tablet, the external sd card icon is the second icon in the row, the first icon would be the internal SD card. From there, click on the very last icon in the row...I have no idea what it's called, but another window should pop up, click on PASTE. Depending on the size of the folder or file, is how long or short a time it will take.
    Using the same method, you can move and/or delete most any folder and file in your file manager. I hope this works for you as well as it did for me, best of luck to you!
    04-01-2015 06:33 AM

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