1. French's Avatar
    I have a couple of issues with Voice Commands (versus the Google Now and Voice Search).

    First, the only one that I'm allowed to choose to map to the double click home key is Voice Commands. I can not figure out how to access Voice Search at all, and Google Now requires actually interacting with the device to launch (I'm going for a handsfree/bluetooth solution here).

    Second, Voice Commands is missing functionality. It has a "goto" feature, but it never works. It says I have to set up the shortcuts in the settings. However when I go into settings there is nothing there for setting up the shortcuts. Sometimes if I hit it just right I can tap the GoTo button and it takes me to a list of functions and I am able to select it, and it works for a little while, but inevitably when I go back to use it again the GoTo function is once again dead. I know this because instead of opening navigation or maps or Google Now (as I had set up before) it constantly prompts me to call someone or cancel, or some other function that is NOT GoTo.

    I have a Motorola Razr Maxx HD...I don't know if this is specific to my device or not, so thought I would post here.

    At least if I could change the default behavior of what launches I could work around this frustration by using Google Now or even a 3rd party application, but my menu has predefined choices and none of them are Google Now or 3rd party.
    02-03-2013 08:40 AM
  2. gone down south's Avatar
    Ate you doing this via Bluetooth? If so, that's your problem, 4.x and BT are known to not play well together.

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    02-03-2013 10:26 AM
  3. French's Avatar
    Actually the problems are two-fold.
    1) When using my bluetooth, using the button on the bluetooth initiates Voice Commands and there is no way to change this to Google Now or Voice Search as neither is an option within that menu.

    2) Because I can only access Voice Commands, which can not open navigation or maps, I attempted to create a shortcut within the "GoTo" option in Voice Commands. So the flow would be like this:
    Tap bluetooth to initiate Voice Commands
    Speak "GoTo Navigation"
    Navigation would open

    However creating the shortcut within GoTo to navigation or maps or anything else doesn't "stick".

    I have been trying to set it up without a bluetooth (just double tapping the home key).
    02-03-2013 10:36 AM

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