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    I often travel and I am forced to use WinXP in CyberCafes. I have problems connecting my Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) via USB. I just want to transfer files from the phone to the WinXP system. (I have no options for WiFi or other OS)

    I have tried the following ways:

    1. Download Kies. Three problems. 1. It does not work. It just hangs during "connection". (2. Also too time consuming to download (also downloads .net) and install. 3. Too heavy for the simple computers I am forced to use.)

    2. "Google procedure" (tetherxp.inf)
    Android Devices: Tethering and Portable Wi-Fi Hotspots - Android OS Help
    Right now I can not try this procedure since the system I am working on believes that an install of the phone already has been made. I do not get into the "hardware configuration procedure" in XP so I can try to install the tetherxp.inf. I have tried to remove the corresponding USB controller via the WinXP Device Manager. But I am not sure how to do this so the XP computer still tells me that the hardware installation was erroneous, when I connect the phone. (See attachment.)

    3. I have tried to activate "USB debugging". I have read that it is possible to activate a feature in the phone so it opens a dialogue every time a USB cable is connected. Then I can let the phone choose to show itself to the computer as a "typical Windows mass storage/USB-stick". But this failed too.

    4. The phone also showed an alert that I should use Wiondows Meida player v. 10 or higher, in case I want to connect it to Win XP. I tried that, but it did not work either.

    Please tell me how to connect my phone to XP.

    When the phone get installed as a digital still camera I can see the top level folders and files, but the folders are all empty.

    I think maybe the best way to try first would be to install the tetherxp.inf. But I do not know how to get back the hardware configuration wizard when the phone is connected. I must somehow remove the old driver for the Samsung phone from Windows and I do not know how to do this.


    Sorry I can not upload attachment, I get this error
    Fatal error:
    Could not create file system directory to hold your attachment.
    Unable to proceed with save while $errors array is not empty in class vB_DataManager_AttachmentFiledata in [path]/includes/class_dm.php on line 849

    On one computer it was possible to move some files today. Sometimes the "Microsoft Camera Wizard" opens the top layer of files and folders. I created an archive of files and put in the top folder of the phone. It was possible to move this archive to the computer. (But folders open empty.) But it is not a convenient way to work. I really hope it is possible to solve this somehow.
    02-11-2013 04:30 AM

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