1. Crynosjf's Avatar
    Hello Android Community,

    Allow me to start by thanking you for your help on this!

    I am having issues with my Samsung S3 operating 4.1.1 through Rogers (Canada). Essentially, 90% of the time when I am on a call (incoming or outgoing) my screen goes black and I cannot "unlock" it. E.g. I cannot make any entries on keypad, navigate to any screens, etc. no matter what buttons I press. When I am leaving a message for someone, I need to reboot the device by holding the right button for a few seconds, then releasing, to hang up...

    Any ideas?

    02-21-2013 11:09 AM
  2. brunn22's Avatar
    Go into "phone" preess the menu button, the one on the phones lower left corner, select call settings, uncheck "auto screen off during calls". Hope that helps.
    02-25-2013 06:20 PM

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