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    So I got a weird issue with my Nexus 4.


    MMS works, but when I group text, its sloppy.

    The issue is that when the group participants sometimes send me a message, I wont always receive it. THE ONLY way I can sometimes receive it is to send them a message and i'll then receive their old message.


    ME: Where are you guys

    ME: Hello...?

    then immediately i'll receive them in bunches AFTER I message them again. Its like the messages are backed up or queued and I have to send a message to receive them.

    SAM: Coming
    MIKE: On my way
    SAM: Hello?
    MIKE: Hello what?

    What do you guys think? New SIM card? This is MAD annoying.

    BTW, Normal SMS fine works. Too bad you cant group SMS
    02-22-2013 09:09 AM

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