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    This is for people who have an Android device that was recently upgraded to Jelly Bean. My car was at the GM dealership for over a week determining what the issue was. I have an open case with GM Infotainment, and also one with Motorola 3rd Tier support.


    Phone pairs with vehicle, but no phonebook/contacts or call history is pulled from the phone even after a Pbap
    Request, new from Jelly Bean from the car. This does not include the 2013 GM Vehicles with MyLink as it works fine on those as they have the newest and greatest OnStar modules and of course MyLink.

    Another issue is when making a Bluetooth call using the steering wheel controls results in calls not being made, but if call is initiated from the cell phone Bluetooth then works and you can use hands free. If you are able to use steering wheel controls, Voice commands, and dial any number on the Verizon network you might get a double ring, and feedback where you cant hear the called person and they cant hear you. Any other number will work correctly.

    When the phone was updated with Jelly Bean your phone received new Bluetooth profiles, per Motorola, and unfortunately GM/OnStar has not updated the OnStar module with the newest Bluetooth profiles and made the Bluetooth profiles incompatible. I was told GM/OnStar know about the issues, but there is no date as to when this will be fixed.

    Solution or Work around for no phone book or call history from Motorola 3rd Tier Support:

    If Contacts/People are backed up using Verizon backup Assistant or another program from your phone export all contacts using the following method.

    Open People, Select Menu, and select Import/Export from the Menu.

    Select Export To Storage, and Select Yes to Export. This assumes you have an SD Card installed.

    Open People, select Menu if People is not already open. Select Settings, and select Contact Storage, and make sure Create Contact Under Account is set to Google, and also check Remember this choice, and select OK.

    Open People, select Menu if People is not already open. Select Contacts to Display. Select Google with the Google e-mail account you created when you setup your phone.

    When you open up People now it should be blank. Select Menu, and select Import/Export. Select Import from Storage, and it Imports the People you Exported above into Gmail.

    All Contacts should now be saved under Gmail Google account. Verify a few of them to see.

    Go to your GM vehicle and delete the paired phone, and then un-pair your Vehicle from your phone. Start a new pairing session. Once paired you will be prompted by a Pbap Request from your vehicle for access to your phonebook and call history. Indicate OK, but DO NOT Remember at this time. You should receive 2-3 more Pbap requests for access from your vehicle, indicate OK, but DO NOT Remember at this time. After the third Pbap request select Remember, and OK.

    After a few minutes you should see the Phone Book and Call History displayed on your radio when you push the Radio button twice.

    If not shut off your car, pull out the keys and open the door. This simulates a flush for the cars Bluetooth per Motorola. After 2 minutes with the door open insert the keys and turn on the vehicle. The phone should establish Bluetooth connectivity and after a minute or two you should see your phonebook and call history. If not follow the directions for un-pairing and then pairing with the Pbap requests.

    Anyway I hope this helps or at least give you some understanding of WTF went wrong as I spent over 3 weeks diagnosing this with various tech support personnel.

    Good luck as I finally have my phonebook and call history back and displayed in my vehicle.

    04-17-2013 08:07 PM

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