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    Hello everyone I am new to the android world. I have a verizon note2 purchased in January. I had it rooted but I unrooted it about a month ago. My binary counter says "1". I checked and the 4.1.2 update is now available. After downloading it starts to install then suddenly stops. The little green droid pops up laying down with a red triangle over it. It then reboots and says "update failed" please help. Thanks in advance..
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    05-05-2013 11:17 PM
  2. vidclerk16's Avatar
    I am having the same problem as well. I rooted it back in December (the exynos exploit), but an update in January killed off my root privileges. I still had super user, but it couldn't regain root. I thought that app was causing the problem, but after seven attempts, it continues to fail. Also, I've tried downloading it via Wi-Fi and 4g.
    05-07-2013 10:27 AM
  3. Onebadram's Avatar
    Yes I've tried downloading and installing through wifi and 4g with no luck. If I take it to verizon (unrooted of course), will I they know it was rooted. Do they even check the binary counter? I don't know what to do.

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    05-07-2013 10:51 AM

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