11-23-2018 04:12 PM
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  1. SandeepKA's Avatar
    my Moto G had almost dying slow download speed from Google Play store. I read many threads. One temporary solution which I found in a thread within this forum, worked for me.

    Used Menu->App option to reach to Google Play services listing there. Deleted cache & data from Google Play services followed by Google Play store.

    My downloads improved rather got reset to what it was/should have been.

    However I feel that this is a temp solution only. Google needs to do something to resolve this problem on all Android devices (namely Nexus 5/4 etc, along with Moto G offcourse).
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    03-24-2014 03:32 PM
  2. Thomas Johnson10's Avatar
    Its not just a verizon fios problem.
    I have AT&T uverse with decent internet speeds and i am having the same problem.
    Im using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on Verizon.
    12-09-2015 09:15 PM
  3. Darlene Wallace's Avatar
    I followed your directions to clear the cache and it worked, thank you!
    10-08-2016 05:48 PM
  4. lmpzkt's Avatar

    Just clear Google account app data in setting rather than Google play services.
    11-23-2018 04:12 PM
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