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    OK, first let me say I am a comparatively new Android user, but I am not completely a mobile device newbie - having used, at one time or another, Palm, BlackBerry, iOS - but the 'organization' of photos / folders in Gallery has me stumped and wondering, "What was Google thinking?".

    I had my photos in individual folders (by year date) on my computer, and within those folders there might be a nested folder of an event/project within that year. Using the Android File Transfer app, I moved these folders to my Nexus 7 and Gallery found them without issue. The problem is, it seems all those nested folders have not remained in their specific year, but have created viewing folders of their own. This is not what I want (and incidentally, what the heck are all my videos doing in a viewing folder here, too? But I digress) and it is neither clear nor efficient.
    I'd have been okay if Gallery operated like Photos does in iOS (still not ideal, but far better) - sees the nested folders and opens the folder for viewing within the master (year) folder, but that's not the case here and there's woefully few settings in Gallery to manage the app.

    I suppose this means going to a 3rd Party Album app (Quickpic seems to pop up in many comments) and then manually recreating the wheel within the app - building new yearly albums - but that looks like a heck a lot of work (688 individual photos) for something that shouldn't be this much effort - and it ain't rocket science.

    Google does some things very well, but I gotta tell you, I've been pretty underwhelmed with their media apps on Android so far. I've already replaced Play Music and Play Movies & TV with 3rd Party apps, rarely use Currents in favour of Pulse and Flipboard, prefer Kobo over Play Books and now Gallery looks 'not long for this world' as a default app for photos.

    06-29-2013 08:44 AM
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    Maybe your file transfer program used did not keep them in the correct folders. Can you try to drag/drop them directly into your phones storage? My Galaxy tab 2 7.0 (on Android 4.2.2 via a ROM) sorts them in the gallery by the folders I had them in.

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    06-29-2013 03:25 PM
  3. Bazza1's Avatar
    Thanks for the response, chadthebuilder!

    I did drag them into Nexus' storage into Pictures and if I view the folder structure there, they exist as they do on my computer, individually with the nested folders in those.

    Gallery opens and does show the main folders named 2010, 2011, 2012 etc and clicking on these, the pictures within them, but it takes the nested folders from within each main folder and gives it its own display. For example, if I have a nested folder named 'Bob & Carol's Wedding' in the 2010 folder, the photos do not show up in the 2010 folder, but in a folder of its own called 'Bob & Carol's Wedding' on the main screen and one must try and remember when that was.

    Moreover, further to it also showing a folder of my video files, it's also pulled a couple of .jpeg files from deep within my Documents folder and there's no apparent way to shut off these views, either. Its not a very, ahem, selective album app - and seems to repeat services done by other Google apps.
    06-29-2013 07:55 PM

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