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    I have just convert go Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from iPhone. I insert a 64 GB SD card and used an app called External 2 internal to make the SD card as my main memory.
    I used WonderShare mobile for Android to copy music from my PC to my Galaxy Note 2. When I used RealPlayer, it could not find my new playlist or music. I used RockPlayer Lite, it found my old music file but it was all unorganized and not under any playlist. When I used FileManager app, I did find all the uploaded files but it was located in my internal memory, /storage/sdcard0/Music folder.

    It would be nice to get organized my music like it is in iTunes. How can I move all my files to 64 GB SD card? What is the best app to do this? Going forward, the Wondershare app may not be the best app to copy music. What is the best app to create playlist to organize music? What is the best android app to view playlist like it is done on iPhone.
    Yes, bear with me, I know I used the iPhone terms too much, but it is nice to organize a large music collection and easily play them on Note 2.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    07-16-2013 07:24 PM

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