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    I've recently purchased a Casi G'zOne CA201l and i'm getting the error "Unfortunatly contacts has stopped" error whenever i try to open people from my phone. It can read my contacts well in messaging, but it won't work for people and i've noticed this only happens when my sim card is inserted. When i unload my sim card, people works fine, i can search and everything. This is really annoying. I've got the phone from koreea. Also i can't turn on my data plan since it sais i can't use it in roaming (but i'm not roaming). Apparently settings are made for koreea... I really love this phone and i've searched for a seller for a few moths before i finally got it, i don't wanna send it back, but with these errors it's unusable. Also i can't update the firmware since it won't use my data plan and i can't see a setting to update through wireless (only through data plan or from sd card and i can't find the update available to download). It also mentions the it's a critical update. If more info about the phone is needed i can post it. Please help me enjoy this awesome phone if possible ... bummer cuz i've been really looking forward to having this phone ...
    08-25-2013 07:07 PM
  2. apastrophe's Avatar
    Try going for a hard reset. I had this problem once with my Galaxy S2 long back. I sorted it somehow. I'll suggest you something. Take out the SIM, turn on the WiFi and have an update. WiFi is not country specific. So no issues of data and stuff. You can easily connect to any available hotspot. Once the update is done, try putting in the SIM and check again.
    There is one more option. Take a backup of your contacts and store it separately. Now in the Apps section in settings, find the contacts App and data from Contacts and Contact Storage. This might help you. Have a try.
    Best luck
    08-26-2013 05:52 AM
  3. Alex Manoila's Avatar
    Well aparently i've found the problem ... the phone is not using Unicode, but the korean keyboard as a system languge... I've found a custom ROM on xda-developers that supposedly fixes contacts and SMS sending - will give that a try soon. I've also noticed there is a Verizon version of the phone - i'll try to find that rom and flash it to the device if possible. It's a really awesome phone and i don't wanna send it back (it won't be an option after flashing the ROM anyway). I'll post my results here if anyone else needs help using this phone outside Korea.
    08-27-2013 12:37 AM

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