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    I am having a problem on my S4 that I had on my S3. I am stock rooted on MF9. It happens when I am on a call and receive a text message during the call. It also sometimes happens when I am on a call and receive a call (call waiting) and do not answer it. After I receive the text or missed call waiting call I can continue the call that I am on. However, when I hang up 2 things happen. First my notification volume goes down to almost 0. I do not hear any notifications such as texts, etc (at about 5% volume even turned up all the way). When I try to make my next call my speaker (earpiece) stops working completely. I hear the beep from it that the call connected and the timer starts but I can not hear anything on the other end. This was a big problem on my S3 and now it just started happening on my S4. I am using handcent for my texts. In handcent I tried turning the alert on and off while on a call. I have to reset my phone several times a day as this is the only thing that fixes this issue. Can someone please help me figure out what is wrong?
    09-02-2013 10:41 PM
  2. xvipx's Avatar
    I have solved the issue. It is being caused by an old app that I had installed called call waiting configurations 1.9.9. This app was messing up the sounds on my S3 and S4 so if you have it DELETE IT.
    09-03-2013 07:08 PM

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