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    Hi everybody, first post here! I need some help.

    I just finished rooting (and unocking) my Nexus 4 and all was dandy. Everything started turning sour when I discovered that I can't use the M4A files (which I previously used before rooting) as alarm tones, ring tones, etc. When I select an M4A the app (default alarm clock app) doesn't catch it and instead just picks "Silent", no tone selected. MP3 files are added normally, no problem there. I'm using ES File Explorer to pick the files.

    Now, I'm guessing one of these happened:

    • I dreamed it. Android can't use M4A for ringtones.
    • I'm missing a file/update that allows this functionality.
    • Somewhere during the rooting I fudged it.

    Does anybody know plz? I'm on Android 4.3, build JWR66Y, no phone modifications besides unlock and root.
    10-22-2013 12:27 AM

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