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    So, after having this phone for about two months, I, too, have had the nasty issue of Android telling me "Careful, don't rip an SD card out while it's being used, dude" when I was checking my email or etc. And, like many others (Samsung Galaxy owners, so I've seen) the phone won't read the card anymore.

    It started slowly, after I checked that the card was inserted correctly, it rescanned about 1/3rd of my music, and even some of that was 'missing' or 'corrupted'. A day later, I get a notification that the phone is rescanning my media files, and I'm left with the two albums I transferred to the phone. No indication whatsoever (even in the Storage settings) that there's an SD card in there, and I'm looking at it, fully inserted and everything.

    Did a hard reset (battery removal), soft reset, took it out, threw it back in, cleaned it, and then, finally, just tried to reformat it.

    I've put it into three different computers and none of them recognize the drive at all, not even on Linux, which usually detects that something's been plugged in... It's not even showing up in gparted whatsoever.

    So... Either I've just bought a card that magically decided to not work while I was using my phone (I'd had it in a hacked Sansa for three years), or Android (or the LG Optimus F7) loves to eat SD cards. I'd like to find out which scenario is more likely, because if I'm going to be blowing $50 every two months to buy a proper SD, I might as well just trash my phone and get a new one that *might* not have this problem...

    Also, how is this epidemic allowed to exist? what causes this, and why hasn't anyone fixed it? I'm just puzzled because even if Android used generic USB drivers in the kernel it would never have this problem, I've never encountered this kind of thing anywhere else, and yet I've found corrupted MicroSD card threads on Android forums dating back to 2011...

    Thanks for somehow directing my wasted energy/anger in the right direction, I actually appreciate any help you might provide. I'm posting this in the general Android forum, as this problem seems more endemic than just affecting Galaxies.
    10-23-2013 03:23 AM
  2. LG F7 user's Avatar
    Same exact thing has happened to mine in the past 24hrs. My card is a Lexar 8gb that I used in my previous phone without fail so it seems as if it is a phone issue, not a card issue.

    I tried to get into it from Windows but it says that the card needs to be formatted before it can be used....Anybody know why the LG F7 would be corrupting the SD Card?

    Thanks for any help
    11-21-2013 09:22 AM

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