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    On my Vitria with MetroPCS, the service seems just fine. My problem is one that the TMobile and MetroPCS people say is common and nothing can be done about it.
    When I am home, I am always connected to my WIFI network automatically and have no problems. However, when I go out, I am OK until I hit the mall or even Best Buy. Once I approach, the phone begins to indicate no connection and even when I try to connect to the Mall guest Wi Fi, it wont authenticate to their system and I get no service. I have tried every iteration of Wi Fi off-on...data on-off, etc., but nothing. Once in a while, for whatever reason, the phone connects for a while and after a few minutes, goes down. My laptop or iPad with no data service has no trouble connecting to the mall Wi Fi.

    Since I have unlimited data, I would hope that when I am away from my home network, I could connect, but no luck. Most likely that the mall area has poor data connection, but in the past with Sprint, I never had a problem talking and listening while there.
    Perhaps somone who has been there can suggest how to maintain a connection. I have installed virtually every android app related to connecting and maintaining a connection in situations such as mine, but it seems like evey one either does nothing or screws up what little connectivity I have.

    Thanks in advance..
    12-21-2013 06:35 PM

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