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    My phone is not displaying text message notifications. If I am on my phone, I will hear the chime and it will show the text notification. But if my phone is idle and I am away, there won't be any text notifications in my status bar when I get back and check my phone. I eventually see the messages hours later when I go into the text messaging app to send someone a text message. Then in the texting app I see a notification with the number of texts I have unread.

    This is a huge problem. How do I fix it? My phone is the Virgin Mobile Supreme. Android 4.1.2. Phone is rooted but I shouldn't have done anything to my SMS stuff and I don't have any apps that are designed to change SMS notifications or handle text messages. I just use the default texting app.

    Please help. Thanks in advance!
    01-07-2014 02:27 AM

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