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    I'm using Lenovo P780 (new) with android 4.2.1

    from time to time there are hangouts and I see the sign of "flight mod" for several minutes
    and than the connection re-establishes
    I have noticed it today while driving (don't recall such a situation while in a stable place)
    it happened today more than 10 times and looks like I'm having a REAL problem

    following an advice in another place, I tried to change settings of mobile provider from "automatic" to manual (my provider)- no good

    why is it so?

    do I have a bad ROM to be replaced?
    is there an application that will help me to keep the connection
    is there a tracing app to keep a log and point me when and where the problem happens?
    other ideas?

    01-09-2014 10:34 AM

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