1. DerekHarrison's Avatar
    I'm new here so please excuse me if I get things wrong to begin with.
    I'm am reasonably good with Windows PC's and this is my 1st foray into Android/Linux.
    I purchased my wife a BWC 7in Tablet from Amazon for Christmas, yes I do know that it's a budget tablet but it seems to work pretty much as it should. She has been really pleased with it although she mostly only uses it for playing games such as available from Playstore and Amazon.
    I believe it came with Jelly Bean 4.2 pre-installed and since turning it on it has upgraded to 4.2.1. There is only 512mb ram, and a 4Gb hdd but have also added a 32Gb SD card as a supplement.
    She has now started to have a problem when turning it on. It appears to boot as normal all the way to the usual home screen. Then things seem to go wrong and the tablet will reboot all over again to the home screen from which point it is then fully usable.
    The tablet does seem more sluggush than when she first started using it but I presume that's because she has installed lots of game apps. Besides the games I have installed Avast Mobile Security and AB-Plus. Avast Anti Theft was also installed but I un-installed that yesterday, which took several attempts to do, but that has not made any difference to the double booting issue.
    Wonder if anyone else has similar issues or could advise on a fix please. Any input would be appreciated.
    I call it double booting but that may not be exactly what is happening, just our perception. I have noticed that when this happens the screen does not go blank(dead) as the backlight is still on until the little droid appears again and fills with beans for a 2nd time.
    01-15-2014 06:39 AM
  2. Marc Ellis's Avatar
    Hi there, I seem to be having similar issues and my tablet is also one of the budget models but a very recent and improved one, in fact I have only had it a week! This problem seems to have started after installing a lot more apps, it would get to the unlock screen then the home screen but would then boot all over again to the lock screen for no reason. I have worked out that this only seems to happen if you try to unlock it or do something before the operating system has fully finished loading everything up especially things like anti-virus etc. I have disabled the lock screen so it goes straight to the main home screen, then wait a few extra seconds until all the start up features have finished loading then everything seems to be as normal. This might be an issue with the cheaper tablets, mine is a NATPC. I can only suggest you try removing some of the heavier apps installed and check the settings of each app to see if they are set to automatically begin on startup, too many of these could overload it, slow it down, much like a PC. You could also try a hard reset (this will not wipe everything) by holding the power button for about 10 seconds. Good luck.
    02-14-2014 08:14 AM

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