1. slackdaddy's Avatar
    I'll keep it simple
    Samsung galaxy rugby, 4.1
    I have a verizon pop email for business
    The emails are downloaded onto the office computer (outlook 2007) and my Phone.
    Outlook is set to leave them on the server for 5 days, so if it beats my phone to an email, it is on the server for the phone to grab.

    I need to store my emails ON THE PHONE after they are fetched from the server. I need to go back and look at emails 6-12 months, even when I have no cell coverage.
    I had set "recent messages" option on the android to "total" and that appeared to be saving them on the phone,,

    For some reason I had 3000 emails on my server (6 months worth) and when I deleted them,, they disappeared from my phone !! Gone!
    I went to the email settings on the phone, and noticed that "sync email" was checked, I unchecked that, but then did not receive any new emails.

    How do I set an Android phone to just download the email from the server and leave it on the phone,, end of story. just download new emails to my phone. If I delete it on the server it does not affect my phone and vise versa. Preferably storing it on my sd card.

    Many thanks for any help,
    01-23-2014 08:18 PM
  2. slackdaddy's Avatar
    So I am I safe to assume that emails can not be stored on the phone?
    Maybe it should be called "Gmail Operating system" instead of Android ?
    01-24-2014 04:32 PM

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