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    I have a couple of sync questions that I was hoping someone could answer. First, my phone is a Sprint GS4 running 4.3. The phone is connected to my corporate Exchange server through ActiveSync and I have also set it up to connect to my personal Google account account. My questions stem from the interaction of these two accounts.

    1. ActiveSync is already syncing my Exchange contacts. If I turn on Google contact sync, this will sync my Google contacts too. However, do the Google and Exchange contacts interact? Meaning, will the Exchange contacts end up in Google or vice versa? (I assume that they are logically separate, but wanted to confirm.)

    2. When you turn on Google Sync, the contacts and/or calendar items come to the device. Even if you turn off Google Sync, the Google contacts still stay on the phone. Let's say that you want to delete the Google contacts from the phone (and keep them in Gmail, of course), but keep the Exchange the contacts is there a way to do this? (I guess I could remove the Google Account from the phone, but that would remove all data associated with this Google account, but I just want to remove the Google contacts.) Is there an easier solution to this?

    Thank you,

    01-27-2014 08:02 AM

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