1. Louis Manlangit's Avatar
    Alright so heres the story!

    I bought my samsung gear watch and realized I cannot use it because my phone is rooted and on 4.1.2

    So I tried to unroot my phone so I was able to update back to 4.3 and use my new watch.

    So first I reset my flash counter using Triangle Away.

    Then I downloaded my stock rom from SamMobile. (SGH-I747M 4.3)
    I flashed that using odinlite.

    After reading tutorials that was supposed to be the end of it all and I was unrooted.

    After flashing, it turns out I couldn't turn on my WiFi. It would never turn green and refuses to turn on.

    I read more online and ended up factory resetting my phone.

    This is where it gets weird. After factory resetting my phone in hopes my wifi will turn on again, turns out my flash counter is back at 1 and I have a custom binary again.

    So at this point, my phone is not rooted and I factory resetted my phone but my "custom binary download" is at 1 again.

    Im stuck here now hoping you guys can help me out.

    I think I might have to reroot my "already custom phone" then to try the process all over again.

    02-03-2014 09:22 PM

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