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    I first noticed this maybe late last week where my phone would appear to have data (bars and the 3g/4g symbol) but not actually being able to connect to things. I'd enable and disable airplane mode to reset things and it would work for awhile.

    Yesterday, I contacted Sprint about this because it is fairly annoying. While paying closer attention, I started noticing that my data worked with 4G but would not with 3G. In Settings -> More Networks -> Mobile Networks - > Network Mode: I changed it from LTE/CDMA to CDMA. When the phone rebooted, I was on 3G and the data worked. When I changed it back to LTE/CDMA 4G would work but 3G would not. I've also tried Automatic and 4G works but 3G does not. Needless to say, I spent an hour with customer support and their best solution was to just leave it in CDMA mode. When I complained that I'd lose my 4G service, the tech asked for my zip code and after a moment told me 4G was unavailable in my area. Hmmm, that is funny... I've been using it for more than 6 months, was using it today, and have seen the sensorly maps showing 4G availability......

    Any ideas of things I should try to resolve? It definitely seems like a phone issue over a network issue because the 3G network is clearly working if I can use it when I've disabled LTE. The most annoying/frustrating issue is that the phone claims to have 3G but nothing works.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4
    Provider: Sprint
    Android Version: 4.3

    If you need any additional info or have a suggestion, let me know. Thanks for reading!
    02-04-2014 02:46 PM
  2. Devilsbane's Avatar
    I've been using CDMA only mode ever since, because 4G doesn't have 100% coverage and I would rather have a slower data connection all the time than a faster connection sometimes and none others.

    This weekend I was on a road trip in another state. They don't have Sprint down there and I typically have a low level of service and no service in a few spots. Interestingly enough, on the drive home I was using Sensorly the whole time and my phone was reporting no service (not even no data, no service. No bars with a red x) but Sensorly was still registering 3G points. Any idea why that would be? It seems like there was service available, my phone was just refusing to use it.

    Back at home I switched back to LTE/CDMA and 3G still won't work in that mode. I'm back on CDMA only now and network is working again.

    Also, does anyone know if 2G even exists anymore? While it isn't speedy by any means, it seems like my phone either has 3G or it has no data. I'd take slower speed over no speed in certain circumstances.
    02-18-2014 10:42 AM

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