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    Hi all.
    Several weeks ago, I had posted an op on why my phone wouldn't let let me paste text into websites which are forums.
    I think that I finally figured out how it works.

    The problem I was having was that each time I went to activate the copy/paste tool, the cursor would jump to the top of the page, dropping the text I pasted at the top, instead of where I wanted it to go. I was always having to spend a good 10 minutes trying to get the text where I wanted it.
    I stumbled upon the possible solution the other day. I activate the text selector, and then tap the blue tag which appears beneath where I am selecting. It activates the copy/paste toolbar. I then tap paste, and the text is dropped exactly where I want it.
    So, I am posting this here for anyone else who has had this problem.
    Aux revoir.

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    02-06-2014 08:04 PM

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