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    This issue is due to deleted system apps and a factory reset. I have a rooted phone and used ES File Explorer to delete system apps. Immediately, I started getting crash errors. Since I had already backed up all system and user apps, with data, using Titanium Backup Pro, I thought it would be a good idea to reset and restore the phone. I selected backup and reset from the settings menu. Then, when the phone rebooted, it was stuck at the Tracfone splash screen....forever. I shut down, and tried the volume down+menu+power button option. I get the LG splash screen, then the Android with the spinning atom. If I let it just do it's thing, the phone reboots and goes to the Tracfone splash screen. If I try to interrupt it pressing the power button for a second, I get a dimmed screen and a blank menu. There is a blue highlight bar that I can move up or down using the volume buttons, but no text. Pressing the power button again closes the menu, but the phone stays stuck at the Android with the spinning atom. I've noticed that the phone is recognized as a blank drive unless I get it to this menu. Then, through adb, it is seen as a device in recovery mode, with the id being 0123456789ABCDEF. I can read the contents with the "adb shell ls" command, but cannot push or install anything. Only in this "recovery?" mode can I use adb. Otherwise, it is not seen by adb, and the computer shows it as an LGE Mass Storage USB Drive. I have every system app that I deleted in a Titanium Backup folder, but can't seem to install them. I think I've deleted the startup wizard, the launcher, and numerous other precious apps needed for it to startup. Anyone have an idea as to where I begin?

    Edit 1: I figured out how to push apk files to the system/app directory. Still not sure if that means they self install at boot or not. Also, figured out how to delete apk and odex files in the system/app folder and the su binary file in the system/xbin directory. It looks like I'm going to remove the files associated with root and ship it back to where it came from. Maybe they won't find the evidence of root and send me a refurbished one.
    02-08-2014 02:40 PM

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