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    Ok so as stated above I have a dual sim Logicom E500 running 4.2.2
    Work van: Mercedes Vito on a 63 plate (UK) with the infotainment system controlling all the audio in the van
    If I pair my old phone - Samsung Wave running on BADA it's fine
    If I connect my works cheap crappy phone it works fine...
    If I connect the new phone - I have contacts It rings via BT and comes through the infotainment system with no problems...
    I press to answer (either by the phone screen or by the infotainment system) and I lose the audio - doesnt go through the system any more, doesnt go through the phone unless I then change the phone while in the call to blast out via the speaker on the phone, not even sure if the microphone works as by the time I get the audio on the people on the other end are asking me to call back and then hang up!

    Has ANYONE come up with a solution for this?
    I ummed and ahhed before I decided to go Android rather than Apple or Windows and chose Android because its supposed to e the best (according to users) - now I wish I hadn't bothered, especially as the manufacturer hasnt produced any updates to 4.3 - and they don't answer emails to support

    If anyone has solved this, could they let me know please
    03-01-2014 02:14 PM

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