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    Some days ago, i rooted my phone with Framaroot.

    After that, i saw it was useless and i unrooted it, with framaroot.

    Now, i can't acess google play.

    I have already reseted the phone, and nothing. The screen is this:

    http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/7...3012614075.png (i found this printscreen in another post in the forum, its the same), but there i can't find any help.

    I try to use 3G, Wi-fi, different google accounts, valid or invalid, always same answer.

    Please, i dont want to have a useless phone, help me!

    The wi-fi simbol is gray, i think that that means i have not associated a google account with it. its true, i can't.

    if you need any adictional information tell me in the post please. thanks.

    The phone is a Doogee Voyageur DG300, android 4.2.2.

    (sorry if i dont write english well)

    04-09-2014 06:50 PM

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