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    I have here a CnM Tablet pre-loaded with 4.1 and there is a huge problem.
    I previously installed Connect Bot for SSH use and noticed I could connect to the Tablets root. (I think its important to mention it was pre-rooted by the manufacturer). I started to look around on the system partition at thing i might recognize and i noticed a program called httpd. I assumed this was a web server app so i ran it. Nothing happened so I panicked and killed the app. This is where my problem starts. The tablet froze. I had hard shutdown. I restart the thing and it has factory reset. I thought this was just an ok thing where i could reload all my existing apps on. Nope, the internal memory doesn't exist i.e. I goto Memory and Storage to look at what is being used. I see the Memory card, ext1 (An external memory card), and there is blank space with question marks which are supposed to show the system memory.
    In light of this, I restarted and the same thing happened. I have attempted a recovery via recovery mode: nothing. I even cleared the cache.

    My question is: What could have gone wrong and how do I fix it?

    Apps installed at time:
    BusyBox, Connect Bot, 2X Remote Desktop Client, Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash Player, Advanced Task Killer, ADW.Launcher, bvnC, AndSMB, Barcode Scanner, BatteryLife, BBC Iplayer, BBC Media Player, BBC News, Chess Free, ColorLights, DroidEdit Pro, Ebay, ES File Explorer, Facebook messenger, SnapSave, Snapchat, Falldown classic, Flappy Birds, FING NEtwork tools, Firefox beta, Mozilla firefox, Hackers Keyboard, (Google Play-Music-Games-Services-Movies etc etc), Hungry Shark, Kingsoft Office, Maps, MetOffice Weather, Minecraft, Multi-touch paint, oRBot, Sense Analog Clock, skype, snake 2k, superUser, Tank Hero, trap!, VLC For android, VMWare Horizon view client, Youtube.
    04-26-2014 07:35 PM

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