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    I’ve been all over the Internet trying to determine if it is possible to root a Galaxy Note 2 Android version 4.3 SCH-i605 baseband version I605VUEMJ9. It seems to me that just about every other Note 2 build can be rooted.

    I think that I have discovered that after rooting the Note 2 (whenever version I had) successfully with Odin an over the air OTA update came down to the EMJ9 (I don’t recall) and locked the boot loader and may or may not have installed Knox. I understand Knox is part and parcel of the 4.3 OTA as is locking the boot locker. After this multiple attempts to install 3 separate roots failed.
    At this point my research suggests that is impossible (without hardware modification) to open the boot locker after 4.3 OTA update.
    05-22-2014 11:54 AM

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