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    So i tried rooting my phone. An SM-T110 samsung galxy s3 tab LITE on odin following this youtube video. After clicking start on odin it sent me to firmware upgrade encountered. Plus, my phone is turning off and on every two to three seconds not allowing me to use odin to download something to fix it ((PROBABLY A NEW SECURITY FEATURE FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ROOT)) Whenever i do use odin, odin freezes and the phone continues to turn off and on flashing the same old firmware upgrade encountered... How do i get it to stop flashing(turning off and on repeatedly every 2-3 seconds) and how do i fix this using odin.

    Also i figured out that this happened because i forgot to upgrade kies. So i tried downloading kies following the instructions in upgrading and it said i couldn't. Plus i upgraded kies to the latest version on my phone manually, and it still said, you can not upgrade. holding the home button power button and up or down volume button won't send me to recovery mode. I'm stuck on this screen. It has been over a three weeks since iv'e used my tablet, please help. Also one last thing iv'e been to many posts about this, and haven't seen anything about a flashing screen. If there is no way to fix this tell me who i should go to for help.
    06-07-2014 06:18 AM

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