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    Hi, i am used to a Firefox Add-on "DownloadHelper" (PCLinuxOS) which does not exist in Android (now trying to domesticate an generic chinese VINSTAR2050, Android 4.21 JB) 10.1" Tablet; thx to H.E.'s Excellent Guide am able to get / install apps).

    Instead i downloaded another (what was the name - LoaderDroid) well rated AddOn for Firefox on Android. However while on a site (YouTube, Vimeo; both with FireFox or that Downloader in a Browser Mode) WiFi and while the clip is playing i see NO BUTTON or anything to prompt downloading the clip on the display. How does this work on Android 4.22 TABLET (regardless of hardware, actually, it's matter of the OS). Pls advise, no such thread found. Thx, rgds Pete

    P.S. Another (sub)question: how do i make a SCREENSHOT on Android 4.22 if needed?
    07-15-2014 11:32 AM

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